Build A 6-Figure Business

Earn good money doing what you love and still have time to play!

You sell products, they’re sh*t hot.

You love them.

Your friends love them but … they’re not selling!

You want to sell $100,000+ (maybe not even this much) in products every year without working insane hours, plus

  • You don’t want boxes and bags of unsold stock sitting in your house.

  • You don’t want to waste hours on social media without making a return on that investment of time.

  • You don’t want to feel [too] guilty about not spending enough time with your kids or family.

I did it with, the UK’s biggest curly hair blog and my fifth (!) business. This is how:

Step 1: Social media, I learnt how to convert my time investment into sweet, sweet money…

Step 2: Some clever branding tricks helped me to engage fans and…

Step 3: Something called fulfilment sped up my growth, maximized order deliveries and customer satisfaction.

Dying to learn if your business has at least the potential to earn 6-figures?

Take the test – if you do only one life changing thing this week, this quick test is it. It will give you amazing insight:

Who Am I?

I’m Heather.

A former i-banker.

A proud mum.

A happy wife.

An author.

A small business growth strategist.

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