Do More In A Week Than Most Do In A Month!

Module 37 (Success) - 0 - Goal Setting

Goal Setting
  • Do you know the difference between a goal and a preference?
  • Gain complete clarity on what your goals really are

Module 37 (Success) - 1 - Self-control and Will Power

Self-control and Will Power
  • It can be so hard to see a project to the end
  • You start with bags of get up and go and then…
  • …even getting out of bed becomes a struggle
  • Understand how willpower works to gain better control of your life and bidness.

Module 37 (Success) - 2 - Good Habits vs Discipline

Good Habits vs Discipline
  • Despite your best intentions do you find your discipline severely lacking?
  • This is a problem for many but…
  • After this lesson it won’t be a problem for you

Module 37 (Success) - 3 - Productivity and Multi-Tasking

  • Revealed: 5 Top Secrets Of The World’s Most Productive People

Module 37 (Success) - 4 - Consistency and Motivation

Consistency and Motivation
  • Consistency is what will get you to your goals
  • Revealed: the structures you need to set in place to remain consistent

Module 37 (Success) - 5 - Done is Better Than Perfect

Done is Better Than Perfect
  • The world’s most successful people rarely aim for perfection
  • This is why the web is full of “beta” versions of products
  • If perfectionism is holding you back from mega business success, this one’s for you, baby!

Module 37 (Success) - 6 - Don't Chase Money

Don't Chase Money
  • Money simply isn’t enough to get you up every morning
  • Let’s work through the real reasons you love your business

Module 37 (Success) - 7 - Surround Yourself With Ambitious Friends

Surround Yourself With Ambitious Friends
  • Being around successful people creates what scientists call a positive spiral of success
  • Let’s improve your social network

Module 37 (Success) - 8 - Supportive Partners

Supportive Partners
  • Our life partners can make us or break us
  • Revealed: 5 Types of Life Partner & How They Impact Your Success Potential

Module 37 (Success) - 9 - Accountability Buddies

Accountability Buddies
  • If you don’t have an accountability buddy you’ll want one by the end of this tutorial
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