Source Products Cost Effectively, Don't Overpay!

Module 1 (Product) - How To Bring A Product To Market

How To Bring A Product To Market
  • Your 5 alternatives for selling products
  • What factors influence which method you choose?

Module 2 (Product) - The Real Costs Involved In Running A Business

Real Costs Involved In Running A Business
  • Expected cost of launching a product line
  • How much should you expect to spend each month on running your business,
    • e.g. cost of accounting, email management, website maintenance, graphics, etc.

Module 3 (Product) - Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing
  • What are contract manufacturers?
  • How does contract manufacturing help your business grow?
  • Where can you find a good contract manufacturer?
  • What questions should you ask a contract manufacturer before hiring them?
  • When should you expect to pay a contract manufacturer for development?
  • Details for an outstanding package designer. He designed the box and tubes for the Queen of Kinks product line.

Module 4 (Product) - Requests for Proposal (RFPs)

Requests for Proposal
  • What is an RFP?
  • How do you write one?
  • When do you write one?

Module 5 (Product) - Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing
  • In what ways can you source suppliers?
  • How can you use eBay to find a manufacturer?
  • How can you source suppliers from China?
  • How can you ensure you get a high quality product from China?
  • What products should you avoid getting made in China?
  • How and when do suppliers expect to be paid?

Module 6 (Product) - Product Pricing

Product Pricing
  • Understanding the retail chain
  • Limitations of different intermediaries
  • Margin vs. mark-up
  • How to price your product
  • Wholesale price vs. retail price
  • Cost-plus pricing vs. market-oriented pricing
  • How to slash costs & hence price
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