Create An Irresistible & Unforgettable Brand

Module 7 (Branding) - Branding Basics - Logo

Branding Basics - Logo
  • What makes a good logo?
  • What types of logo can you have?
  • How much should you pay for a logo?
  • Is it bad to change a logo?
  • What questions should you ask before commissioning a logo?
  • Where can you get a logo designed?
  • Do you have to trademark a logo?

Module 8 (Branding) - Branding Basics - Tone

Branding Basics - Tone
  • What is a corporate tone?
  • What sort of tone will win you fans in your product business?

Module 9 (Branding) - Branding Basics - Slogan

Branding Basics - Slogan
  • Why do you need a corporate slogan?
  • 7 Rules for writing a killer slogan
  • How to come up with a fabulous slogan

Module 10 (Branding) - Advanced Branding Concepts - Color

Branding Concepts - Color
  • The golden rules for choosing brand colors
  • What do different colors say to your fans?
  • Color negatives!
  • How to use color to convert more website customers

Module 11 (Branding) - Advanced Branding Concepts - Pattern

Branding Concepts - Pattern
  • What is a brand pattern?
  • What makes a good brand pattern?
  • How can you get a brand pattern made?
  • How long does it take to get a brand pattern made?
  • How to make your own brand designs
  • Where should you use a brand pattern?
  • What are the long-run benefits of having a brand pattern?

Module 12 (Branding) - Advanced Branding Concepts - Scent

Branding Concepts - Scent
  • What is a brand scent?
  • Why is a brand scent essential
  • When should you use your brand scent?
  • How do you get a brand scent made?

Module 13 (Branding) - Advanced Branding Concepts - Tune

Branding Concepts - Tune
  • What is a brand tune?
  • How can you make your own tune?
  • How can you get a tune made for you?
  • When and where should you use your tune?
  • The 3 golden rules of choosing a tune

Module 14 (Branding) - Advanced Branding Concepts - Consistency

Branding Concepts - Consistency
  • What is brand consistency?
  • Why is it important?
  • How do fans and prospects get exposed to your brand?
  • 7 long run benefit of brand consistency?
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