Working 2-3 hours a day, I’ve sold over $200,000 on Amazon over the last two years (screenshot below) and I have a template that you can follow to do the same.

Okay, so you’ve either decided to start a product business or you’re keen to supercharge your product sales and that’s brought you to this website.

You know you need help and everyone is jumping over themselves to coach and teach you for a small fee of oh, just $1,999.

Seriously, the moment “the Facebook spies” realize you’re trying to build a business your whole freaking Facebook feed is full of ad after ad of people wanting to selling you:

  • Facebook marketing secrets….$1,999

  • Get high paying clients for just…$1,999

  • Free webinar on how to fill webinars #SmallPrint:

    …l’ll tell you the freaking obvious for 30 minutes then spend 30 minutes selling you into my **amazing** course on how to create super webinars.

You’ll be flooded with so much information it will drive you insane.

Every other person is a blimmin “coach” or a poach as I call them because all they want is to poach your wallet.


They’re wasting your time and delaying your journey to success.

Not only that, it’s possible that you might be suffering from a deadly condition similar to one I had when I started my product business. It’s called FundsLow – ever heard of it?

Well, if you have FundsLow or its cousin FundsTight you can’t even entertain the idea of spending that much on any course.

You need to take action because if you don’t:

  • You’ll regret not trying, you already regret not starting earlier

  • You’ll be stuck in your job and as much as you appreciate your job you want, no you NEED, to do more with your life

  • You promised yourself ages ago that you’d build a business and life that matters…

You feel the time is now. NOW feels right.

Now imagine this:

You wake up in the morning to this inbox. This is what my inbox has looked like almost every day for the last couple of years. Lots and lots of sales while I slept:

I find it hilarious that as I captured the above screenshot yahoo’s ad widget on the right was advertising one of my own products to me!

Back to your morning…

You’ve not only sold product but Amazon the super efficient online giant has already shipped your goods for you.

Your primary concerns for the day are a nail appointment, getting the Mercedes washed and hanging out with your kid and, of course, you’re seeing a film with your bff at 2pm. Sorry, that’s is my life.

I’ve sold $202,000 over the last two years on (the U.S. site) and I don’t even live in the United States.

The screenshot above shows I’ve sold over 13,000 units over 2 years in the US alone.

What it doesn’t show you is the extra money I’ve made from:

  • Selling books,
  • Amazon affiliate earnings,
  • YouTube/Google ads revenues
  • Product sales from my website, eBay and Amazon UK.

I’ve amassed a tonne of knowledge in this time. The sort of knowledge you only gain after selling ‘000s of products.

During the entire two year period my business had no full time employees. Heck, for the last 12 months even I didn’t work full time. I was too busy playing mama.

The big questions are:

Do you want to sell lots of products without having to make them all yourself or even having to go to the post office?


Do you want to learn how to source products from anywhere in the world and sell them anywhere in the world?


Do you want to sell more products on Amazon, eBay and on your website?


Do you want to market more effectively with minimal effort and as little money as possible?


Do you want to improve your social media following so that you don’t always have to pay to market to other people’s followers?


Do you want to grow your email list faster so you can market to your fans directly whenever YOU want?


Alright, alright, I can help with ALL the above and more.

You’ve seen the sales screenshots above proving my sales; I’ve also had over 50,000 targeted people sign up to my email list in the last two years and dumb luck had nothing to do with it.

My plans, strategies and even the planning calendar I use is all packed into The Money Spot™’s online course for building a 6-figure product business. The only thing you will regret is not joining sooner:

Hold up, hold up! ...

I’m Heather!

I started strategically selling products in late 2012. Strategically being the key word here because before that I tried selling without having a plan and strategy and trust me, that route does not work.

When friends and online strangers saw how well I was doing email requests with “how are you doing it?” started flooding in.

So, I sat down and wrote everything I was doing. The result was The Getting To Wealthy Series – These 3 books have all achieved Best Seller status on Amazon for their category. They all have rave reviews.

The Money Spot Program followed 18 months later in late 2014.

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